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Special Prayer


SATURDAY, July 24th, Weekday
7:00pm Spa.: †Javier Garcia
Hernandez, †Teresa Martinez,
†Isidro Gonzalez, †Vicente
Vargas Ayala

SUNDAY, July 25th,
Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:30am: †Peggy Gilles
8:00am Spa.: †Trinidad Flores
& Family, †Vicente Vargas
Ayala, †Angelina Lopez
Special Intention:
10:00am: †Greg Kolacz,
†Francisca Yang, †Jose Angel
Salgado Cirilo, †Rosendo
Salgado Cirilo
Special Intention:
12:00pm Spa.: †Meliton
Villanueva, †Fatima Lopez
Special Intention: Villanueva
Sanchez Family

MONDAY, July 26th,
St. Joachim and Anne, Parents
of the Blessed Virgin Mary
8:15am: †Kennedy Mazat,
†Molly Lampugnano

TUESDAY, July 27th, Weekday
8:15am: †Ray and Rita Hertel,
†Roberto Vicente Martinez

WEDNESDAY, July 28th, Weekday
4:00pm: †Helen I. Ullrich

THURSDAY July 29th,
St. Martha

FRIDAY, July 30th, Weekday